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The SixxiS – The SixxiS (CD + DVD, WBA, Progressive rock) Hard hitting complex progressive rock from the guys in Atlanta, Georgia’s The SixxiS. This band is comprised of Vladdy Iakhakov (lead vocals, violin, piano, rhythm guitar), Mark Golden (bass, synthesizer), and Josh “Jbake” Baker (drums, percussion, pads, vocals). But also performing with the band live are multi-instrumentalists Paul Sorah and Cameron Allen. These fellows combine ideas from 1970s […]

The Examiner: The Sixxis make their Cleveland Debut !

November 4, 2013 Cleveland OH- The streets of Atlanta came to the North Coast Saturday night as the Georgia native band, the Sixxis made their Cleveland debut . The name comes from the date the band formed on 6-6-2006 .Cleveland is notoriously hard on unknown acts however this extremely talented group of musicians won […]

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