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At first glance, THE SIXXIS in appearance could be purely a simple rock band. But these five guys offer discerning Prog-Rock/Prog-Metal and have included in the last WISHBONE ASH tour opening act. Even as an opening for THE WINERY DOGS they provide from a good show. By some undelivered stage, the band has not enough […] Review

After touring with THE WINERY DOGS across Europe, THE SIXXIS joined them on their U.S. tour. Musically, THE SIXXIS are sort of like OPETH meets DREAM THEATER. Their performance was full of all of the nuances, solos, time changes, and breakdowns that you’d expect from the best progressive rock and metal groups. THE SIXXIS initially […] Review

I never heard of the opening band The Sixxis before, and I scanned their website to see what they were about. They bio states that their “music presents a core sound of influences ranging from Classical, Jazz, and Rock music coated in a powerful, heavy, seductive, and emotional shell of sound reminiscent of Rush, Muse, […]

The Winery Dogs Islington Academy 05-09-13

The Winery Dogs Islington Academy 05-09-13 First up was Atlanta 5 piece The SixxiS who had been asked to do the full European tour with The Winery Dogs. A heady mix of influences with huge riffs, soft passages ,time changes a plenty, lots of stop start endings, a singer with a huge voice, 2 guitarists […]

SIXXIS (The) – The Sixxis / Published 06-10-2013 / So this is a project that we must change the ideas here as we go to other places as progressive. Draft prepared from 2006 around a collaboration between various musicians, it arrived today at an important outcome in the careers of these players since the release of […]

Keys and Chords: Belgium Review

Belgium review translated: Not all records coming from Nashville country . No, because there is also blues from Nashville and in fact … there is also hardrock recorded in Nashville . Witness this : The Sixxis recorded their self-titled album in the studios of Warner Bros. , yes in Nashville . The Sixxis consist Vladdy […] Review by Matt Karpe The Sixxis | The Sixxis October 13, 2013 by Matt Karpe – Columnist – The Sixxis are an American hard rock trio whose influences are stated to include Zeppelin, Muse and System Of A Down. It is a rather strange and diverse list, which is why this self-titled release is hard to fathom. The Georgia […] Article by St. Pat James The Sixxis – The Sixxis The Sixxis come from Atlanta, Georgia play and earthy hard rock. By his own biography the band exists since 2006 already , but only now brigen her ” debut” out . With the word album is probably too ambitious , since it is more of in my eyes to […] Featured Article By Dave Schwartz

The SixxiS By Dave Schwartz A funny thing happened on the way to this interview… OK, long story short, prior to flying to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to cover The Winery Dogs, I had never heard of a band called The SixxiS.  And yet there they were, taking the stage at Northern Lights in the Potawatomi […] Review

The SixxiS – The SixxiS (CD + DVD, WBA, Progressive rock) Hard hitting complex progressive rock from the guys in Atlanta, Georgia’s The SixxiS. This band is comprised of Vladdy Iakhakov (lead vocals, violin, piano, rhythm guitar), Mark Golden (bass, synthesizer), and Josh “Jbake” Baker (drums, percussion, pads, vocals). But also performing with the band live are multi-instrumentalists Paul Sorah and Cameron Allen. These fellows combine ideas from 1970s […]

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