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The Examiner: The Sixxis make their Cleveland Debut !

November 4, 2013

Cleveland OH- The streets of Atlanta came to the North Coast Saturday night as the Georgia native band, the Sixxis made their Cleveland debut . The name comes from the date the band formed on 6-6-2006 .Cleveland is notoriously hard on unknown acts however this extremely talented group of musicians won over this nearly sold out performance at the Cleveland Agora . This was a high pressure gig as they were on a world tour with the legendary Winery Dogs ( The super group consisting of Mike Portnoy ,Billy Sheehan and Richie Kotzen ) . The band opened up with “ Coke Can Steve“, and played their way through “ Long Ago, No Where Close “and a great song called “ Believe “ The band was a tight unit with an amazing bass player along with an outstanding drummer , the guitars were soulful and complete and the singer commanded the stage like a general in charge of the troops . Other songs played that night included “ I Wanted More “ and “Opportune Time “ .The songs “ Out Of Time” and “ Snake In The Grass “ were both very strong numbers as well . The band consists of Vladdy Iskhakov (lead vocals, guitar, violin) Cameron Allen (lead guitar, keys, vocals) Mark Golden (bass, synth), Josh “JBake” Baker (drums, percussion, pads, vocals) and for the life of me I could not find the name of the other guitar player but he was also very talented . The band is currently on tour and you can find further information at their official website