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The SixxiS – The SixxiS (CD + DVD, WBA, Progressive rock)

Hard hitting complex progressive rock from the guys in Atlanta, Georgia’s The SixxiS. This band is comprised of Vladdy Iakhakov (lead vocals, violin, piano, rhythm guitar), Mark Golden (bass, synthesizer), and Josh “Jbake” Baker (drums, percussion, pads, vocals). But also performing with the band live are multi-instrumentalists Paul Sorah and Cameron Allen. These fellows combine ideas from 1970s progressive bands with the meat and muscle of underground guitar bands from the 1990s, and manage to come up a loud driving rock sound that is all their own. The band is bound to rack up plenty of fans as they are the opening act for Mike Portnoy’s new band The Winery Dogs on their 2013 tour of Europe. The press release that accompanied this double disc set mentioned several artists that give a good idea of what’s happening here. Included in the list of comparisons is Rush, Soundgarden, System Of A Down, Kings X, and Alice In Chains. If you dig these bands there’s a good chance you’ll get into these interesting propulsive tracks. Cool rockers here include “Snake In The Grass,” “She Only,” and “Farewell To Everything (live).”