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The Sixxis – The Sixxis

The Sixxis come from Atlanta, Georgia play and earthy hard rock.

By his own biography the band exists since 2006 already , but only now brigen her ” debut” out . With the word album is probably too ambitious , since it is more of in my eyes to an EP that was ” pimped ” with some live tracks .

Nevertheless , the songs of that phonogram go right ear, are catchy and rock.

The band are as massive influences bands like Led Zeppelin , Muse, Rush, System of a Down , Alicce in Chains or Soundgarden , whereby rather listen to the sound the influence of the latter two bands.

It has probably been advised that The Sixxis publish only seven years after the founding of their debut , as you listen to the music that she has matured . The guys are recorded on each other , what the music is good .

It was more about to develop and test songs live , without the pressure to throw it out immediately an album on the market.

That really worked out the debut of Gunss N ‘Roses and even works at The Sixxis . Although this debut is probably not errreichen the sales figures as the GN’R classic.


Who is also hard -core rock with catchy warranty that requires access here .

In this sense,

Rock On! !


St. Pat James