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Keys and Chords: Belgium Review

Belgium review translated:

Not all records coming from Nashville country . No, because there is also blues from Nashville and in fact … there is also hardrock recorded in Nashville . Witness this : The Sixxis recorded their self-titled album in the studios of Warner Bros. , yes in Nashville .

The Sixxis consist Vladdy Iskhakov (vocals , keyboards) , Mark Golden ( bass and synths ) ‘ JBake ‘ Baker (drums ) . And according to the necessity of also appealed to the guitarists Paul Saroh and Cameron Allen .

The Sixxis practicing a kind of hard rock , which in the seventies often the U.S. top ten dared invade . We are talking about Kansas , Boston , Styx , Blue Oyster Cult and other survivors . In other words, still quite enjoyable .

The Sixxis strive still have some musicality in each track and stick than against a tight beat . This then results in sturdy songs like ‘ Believe’ ( reprise of the title track of their first full CD) , ” Snake In The Grass ” and ” She Only.

The last three songs on the CD , namely the live tracks ‘Nowhere Close ‘ , ‘ Home Again’ and ‘ Farewell To Everything’ on the DVD are fully redone with Cameron Allen on guitar , albeit not in the order that is indicated on the case . However, the quality is high with , depending on the lighting on stage , blue and pink as the main colors .

The Sixxis will no landslide in hardrock country bring about , before they come almost forty years late , but we’ve already been through worse stuffed . For fans , the CD / DVD “The Sixxis ‘ a fun gadget to your collection.

Ivan Van Belleghem ( 3 )

The Sixxis takes us back to the hard rock music of hey seventies .