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SIXXIS (The) – The Sixxis

/ Published 06-10-2013 /

So this is a project that we must change the ideas here as we go to other places as progressive. Draft prepared from 2006 around a collaboration between various musicians, it arrived today at an important outcome in the careers of these players since the release of this CD + DVD box coincides with a European tour set for the month September of this year. Indeed, the group embarked for Europe with the aim to complete a tour of five concerts in nearly eight countries, and, with the great Mike Portnoyand his new band  ! Unfortunately for us, our little Belgium has not been chosen to host the passage of the American group, but I guess it is only a postponement. Let us musicians who compose with Vladdy Iakhakov (vocals, violin, piano and rhythm guitar), Marl Golden (bass and keyboard), Josh Baker (drums, percussion and vocals) and as reinforcement for stage performances, two multi- musicians such as Paul Sorah and Cameron Allen. 

Regarding the musical content of the box and also the new studio album, the object also has a bonus DVD containing three compositions Live dated August 2012 at Nashville. To place the music played by the group, know that the singer Vladdy offers multiple influences where there are specific sounds in compositionsRush , Muse , Soundgarden , System of Down and Alice In Chains . Rock, jazz and classic rock here are a whole which blends melody and especially power. It is this latter which dominates in the first composition with a heavy raw metal formwork. 

The rest remains in a lively and sharp rock which come to embed some more melodic passages. In playing together, it’s rock’n’roll retains control of the game with music that hooks you the guts and pretty much violence. Keeping a few more pop moments that are the heavy, hard rock and garage rock that color the album with a lot of success. Regarding the bonus DVD, the three pieces Live have a beautiful visual effect. As for sound record, I find it a bit short of the studio album with music a little less punchy. Nevertheless, all appeal to those who want to return to something more direct and crude. Effect guaranteed!