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The Winery Dogs Islington Academy 05-09-13

The Winery Dogs Islington Academy 05-09-13

First up was Atlanta 5 piece The SixxiS who had been asked to do the full European tour with The Winery Dogs.

A heady mix of influences with huge riffs, soft passages ,time changes a plenty, lots of stop start endings, a singer with a huge voice, 2 guitarists happy to riff and solo and a powerhouse drummer.

They say on their site they are influenced by Rush, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and System Of A Down and I could see a bit of all of them.

Singer Vladdy Iskhakov had a huge range and it would be great to see them on a full stage as with 5 of them in a small space not a lot of chance to move.

With that it gave us a chance to listen to the songs and with great music like “Long Ago”, “She Only”, “Believe” and closer “Snake In The Grass” the crowd reception grew after every song and they left to huge applause.

Great warm up.