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At first glance, THE SIXXIS in appearance could be purely a simple rock band. But these five guys offer discerning Prog-Rock/Prog-Metal and have included in the last WISHBONE ASH tour opening act. Even as an opening for THE WINERY DOGS they provide from a good show. By some undelivered stage, the band has not enough space to move around extensively, making the show a little suffering. THE SIXXIS need a big show but not the musical class extends fully. I myself am not usually the big prog fan,

THE SIXXIS play for my taste but not too verzwackt, and there is still plenty of melody. Thus, they have convinced me and the rest of the garage had fun. The songs heated up the audience, especially something special style of the band is likely to have many favors. So reminded me some guitar melodies even something to LONG DISTANCE CALLING, even if they have very little to do with prog. The bass melodies by Mark Golden were stunning even for me as a guitarist, Vladdy’s singing is also very special, and for the last piece he then had his sunglasses from the nose slide.

After the regular 45 minutes it was over, and the band was still busy signing autographs at the merch booth. A good opening act, which was annoying not, but the waiting time for DOGS THE WINERY rather shortened. THE SIXXIS should continue to maintain their course, should be in favor of them not only prog fans. The Sixxis (07.09.2013, Saarbr├╝cken)